RIFLEMAN items are available only to those who have earned this award. To maintain it's integrity, please verify that you have qualified with a Rifleman score at an Appleseed event. To do this, please include your information in the box below and click the link to add your info to the cart. Then continue shopping for Rifleman items.

In the box below, enter the event location and your Rifleman score -or- if you are an Appleseed instructor or IIT, you need only enter your forum name

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AS224 Full Color Rifleman Flag Patch
AS225 - RIFLEMAN Sticker (Full Color)

Full Color RIFLEMAN sticker.



AS105 - Rifleman Hat

Rifleman cap is available in two colors - faded olive drab or faded woodlands brown.  "appleseedusa.org" embroidered across the back.  The cap in foreground is Olive Drab and the one behind is Brown.




Select Color

AS130 - Riflewoman Hat

"Once you have qualified, you can wear the Riflewoman™ cap.”

 Purple cap with Riflewoman emblem on front and "appleseedusa.org" embroidered across the back.  Only those who have qualified are eligible to purchase.



AS902 - Rifleman Patch

Available in olive drab green, tan or purple -  3.5" W  3.0" H

Rifleman patches are for those who have earned that level. Purple patches are normally earned at Lady Seed events.



Please select color

AS906 - Rifleman Sticker

3.5" W 3.0" H



AS921 - Rifleman Lapel Pin

This is a nice rifleman patch lapel pin for those who've earned their patch.  3/4" x 1" in size. 

Remember you still have to have shot 210 or better on the AQT to order the pin.



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