AS161 Dangerous Old Men - Hezekiah Wyman - Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Second in a series honoring our Dangerous Old Men.

Hezekiah Wyman was 55 years old, with flowing white hair on April 19, 1775. During the British retreat to Boston, Hezekiah laid his fowling piece across the saddle of his pale gray horse, and with his expert marksmanship dropped British Redcoats time and time again out to 250 yards range. The Redcoats could see him take aim, but they couldn’t hurt Hezekiah even as fellow Redcoats a foot or two away were mortally wounded every time they spotted Hezekiah and his horse.  Hezekiah is remembered through letters home by survivors of the day for his white hair and pale horse as DEATH on a Pale Horse.  Commemorate his skill and dedication to the cause with his Dangerous Old Man t-shirt.

Enjoy this forest green short sleeve cotton t-shirt.

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Project Appleseed logo on the front chest and the Dangerous Old Men Samuel Whittemore on the back.

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